Prestige Internet by SwitchWorks

Prestige Internet is an exclusive residential service provided by SwitchWorks Technologies Inc., a Canadian company operating an independent high speed network in the Greater Toronto Area.

What Makes Prestige Internet Different

Prestige Internet services are delivered through the SwitchWorks Network, so your Internet service will not be controlled by one of the Big Guys. (You know who we mean.) Here are just some of the benefits of Prestige Internet:

  • The fastest residential Internet service available -- up to 20Mbps
  • No limits on downloading -- watch video, download music, or play games online to your heart's content
  • No usage-based billing -- ever!
  • No bandwidth throttling or rate shaping -- ever!

What Bell Doesn't Want You To Know

Do you get your high speed Internet from Bell or a Bell reseller? Have you noticed a slow down of your service between 4:30 pm and 2:00 am ? A slow down of up to 94%? If you have, you should know that Bell applies ITMPs (Internet Traffic Management Practices, also known as throttling or rate shaping) during those hours.

Prestige Internet runs on our independent network. No ITMPs. No throttling. No rate shaping. Period.


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To find out more about Prestige Internet call 416-531-8750x102 or email